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Jon and I can't hardly wait to get married on September 26, 2009.

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My business name

My Business Name

Hello everyone!

I wanted to tell you about today. I went to the bank to open my business account. One problem I have is I do not have a federal identification number, which means I cannot open a business account. So I went to business services where I met a wonderful man. The two of us discussed the business stuff before he started filling out forms. The man wanted to make sure that I could use the name that I chose for my business before I established the website. But for a while, I was worried because it seemed like someone else had the same name that I had chosen. I was worried because I love my name MARA.

But before I got ahead of myself, I had to be patient and wait while the man conducted his internet search. During his search on international, USA, California and local database, the man found many websites with the name Mara, such as: MaxMara, Mara with a last name, and many more websites with that name. One weird website named, was related to Wild Animal, but anyways. While I wasn't surprised that someone has the business name MARA, I had other alternative names that I could use. My sister Melissa and I had discussed alternative names in case the name of my choice was already taken. I asked the business service man if there were any websites and business name that had the name BY MARA. He checked and found that someone already has BYMARAMARA, so this was good news for me!! I could use the name BY MARA as my business name. From now on, my business name is BY MARA. I am hoping I will get a new business account and soon!

Other than the good news, there is a little bit of bad news...I still have to go to City Hall to change my previous business name MARA to my new business BY MARA. I did not feel like going there today since there is always a lot of traffic and my schedule is pretty hectic at the moment! But I will let you know what happens when I do go.

Until next time...


Tees that started Handshapes

To celebrate my college graduation from California State University, Northridge, I had a fashion show at my parents' house in Pasadena. As a bonus, I made shirts that has my logo on it for my family and friends. Lots of people LOVED it and I got so excited because they all wanted to buy a shirt for themselves. The shirts sold out fast and this is what inspired me to create an additional fashion line called "HANDSHAPES." I can't wait for you to see what other items I have created and will make available to the public soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing shirts, please let me know.

ImL Handshapes tees - MORE COMING SOON in NOV. 2008

ImL H a n d s h a p e T e e - boy
Deaf Pride in this 100% cotton tee with a
` handshape at the front.
• Grey, black handshape
• S, M, L, XL
• Machine wash
• Cotton


ImL H a n d s h a p e T e e - girl
Deaf Friendly in this 100% cotton tee with a
` handshape at the front.
• Eggplant, light gray hands
• S, M, L, XL
• Machine wash
• Cotton


my first

Hi! I am so excited to inform you about my new business *MARA*. I want to thank my sister Melissa, for all her help and support, especially in establishing this blog for me. This is the very first blog that I have used so far and I will be using this blog to keep you updated about my new products as well as myself!

I never thought the day I start my own fashion business would arrive this early in my life. Establishing my own business has always been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to work as a designer or stylist, in production and patternmaking for fashion industry/company. Unfortunately, they never hired me. Of course I was disappointed. I was not sure if my deafness or inexperience in the fashion business was the factor in me not being hired.

In my experience so far, most companies will not provide an interpreter for job interviews. This was problematic in addition to my often imperfect speech and lipreading, which I sometimes have trouble with from time to time. I'll never forget the time I told interviewer that I am deaf and they reacted with their eyes wide-open and particular body languages that showed nervousness. It was sad that they did not know what to do when interacting with me because the word "Deaf" had affected them.

Thankfully, that experience did not last too long. I currently work at H&M at the Americana in Glendale, California. So far, the job is great but it is not something I would like to do for a long time. I am not fond of the work schedule retail business. Also, since the time I started working at H&M, I realized I lost a part of my identity. The only times I use sign language to communicate with someone is with my love of my life, Jon, and with my friends, and these interactions usually happens outside of the business. I realized I cannot work like this for the rest of my life. I feel I need to move onto something better than where I am at this time in my life. So I was back at square one regarding my career plans.

I realized that the constant support from my family, Jon, and my close friends would be enough to begin my own fashion business, and to turn it into a huge success. Many people are constantly asking me where they can purchase my handshapes tees and dresses. I always felt bad that I did not have enough products to sell since I had not planned on starting my business in the near future. I am also still new to the business world but thankfully, my sister Melissa is very helpful and supportive of my new business. Melissa will be a valued business partner of mine.

At this stage in establishing my fashion business, I recently got my seller's permit business license and copyright for my logo. Last weekend, I bought new materials for dresses and products. I also talked with my website developer about my official website. At this time, I have quite a bit on my plate: my Jon and I are currently planning our wedding coming in September 2009, my job at H&M, and developing the fashion business, Mara... However, I am looking forward to seeing my website and products being ready for release by November 2008. Between now and then, I will keep you updated, and please do check out my website at blog and website coming soon when you get a chance!

Many Thanks,

Mara Ladines
Fashion Designer

setting up

hi. its melsa, mara's sister aka future business partner. been helping my sister set things up to help her with her business. first things first, a blog. this way mara and i can update you daily if not weekly on life and living as a deaf fashion designer. enjoy..