Greetings from By Mara!

We all are extremely excited to be working at the DeafNation World Expo with approximately three hundred exhibitions along with workshops, sporting activities and the list goes on in Las Vegas.

The admission is absolutely FREE to all events!

For more information,
please go to the website:

We, By Mara hope to see you all there and please

be sure to stop by our booth and see what we have for you!

We will be having a Las Vegas logo along with a little sign of Handshapes on the star.They are limited edition, so purchase them before they are sold out! We have those in black and blue shirts for $15 each.

We have other limited editions as well, which are ‘PAH’ and ‘Don’t Scream I’m not that deaf’. Purchase them while it lasts. We also have several new arrivals: keychains, shorts, and One Love tank tops.

To see what we have, please check out our website:

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitant to ask. You can contact us at or

Thank you! We hope to see you at our booth 'ByMara'.

Deaf Contestant wore V-Neck Handshapes.

Kristine Hall and Drew Carey with a sign language interpreter. In this clip,
Kristine goes immediately to the PIR floor after winning a bicycle.
She wins again and hugs Drew! Shown nationwide on CBS 10/19/09.

Mara has been selected to be one of the Pearls!

Let me share a short story with you, several years ago, I watched Oprah’s TV special, “The Legends,” where Oprah selected outstanding African American women that have done something significant for their communities. This inspired me to do something of a similar nature for the Deaf Women across America. After contemplating various names that will reflect what they have done, one day I saw the word pearl and knew that it was the perfect symbol. The pearl signifies several attributes such as being objects of beauty, unique, admirable, and most of all, rare. As a bonus, who doesn’t like to dress up all pretty in pearls!

Our Search and Selection Committee, composed of the legendary Bernard Bragg, up and coming Carlos Aponte Jr., revered Fred Beam, sensation Sean Forbes, and visionary Sheena, looked over all over the USA for Deaf women that have transcended others in their fields. First ofs/Founders, Advocates, Artists, Business, and Hidden Pearls are the five categories we’ve chosen to recognize twenty women. We hope to have the Pearls grace their presence at The Pearls Affair, which will occur in Los Angeles area on June 4th 2011.

Little Tokyo, LA

By Mara Team!

I met an awesome Photographer Joshue Flores.
His projects are very creative and artistics!

Check out his facebook LOVESAU