Early Christmas

The 2008 holiday season was the best ever! Early in the month of December, my family, Jon and I went to Las Vegas. We all went to the Pac Man vs. Oscar de la Hoya boxing match. We supported Pac Man. Of course Pacquiao won after old Oscar gave up in the eighth round. I had a great time with the family, short but good time with my best friend during her cousin's bachelorette weekend, playing poker and clubbing in Rok club in New York, New York, and in the Bank club in Bellagio.

Christmas Eve + Christmas Day

Finally, I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the Reyes family. This was my first Christmas with them. It is often hard for me to find the time to get together with the Reyes family since my work schedule is always hectic! It was interesting to see the difference between my family and Jon’s family at Christmas time. My family is very simple; I grew up receiving just one special gift from my parents. In Jon’s family, they give a BUNCH of Christmas presents to each person. It was a good experience.

Also, the Reyes family and I went to Disneyland on Christmas Day. It was very wet and COLD outside. But we enjoyed the rides and watching the Christmas parade. It was beautiful. Jon and I had never been to Disney's California Adventures before but we finally got the chance to go! The Reyes family and I rode on the roller coasters there two times. It was fun!

New Year's Eve
At first, I didn’t know what I was going to do on New Year's Eve...
When I found out that I had days off on December 31st and January 1st, Jon and I made a last minute decision to go to VEGAS!! We had a blast with our friends from our university, sorority and fraternity. We celebrated New Year's Eve in Caramel bar in Bellagio. We played Roulette together, enjoyed the USC vs. Tenn. game in ESPN restaurant in New York, New York and walked around in Downtown Las Vegas.

I can’t believe what happened one night in Vegas! My good friend and I were walking
around in Bellagio very late in the evening. My friend wanted some water so we stopped at a bar in the casino area and asked a bartender for water. The bartender seemed to have a problem with us. He asked her for her ID and then pointed at me for my ID, even though I didn't want a drink of anything! It didn’t make sense! Later, we found out that the reason why the bartender had asked us for our ID was because we looked so young. It flattered us but...for WATER???

Anyway. Jon and I were sad when we had to leave Las Vegas. We had to leave our friends since they were staying for another night and go back to reality.

Overall, I am so grateful to have my wonderful family, both Ladines and Reyes families. *Thank you from the bottom of my heart* I am also very grateful to my friends: thank you for planning the reunion in Vegas. I had a good time and would love to have another university reunion in the future.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year '09!