A Happy Little Thanksgiving!

As nature begins this quiet time of rest may our hearts be filled with joy.


I was excited to visit my best friend Jessica in her hometown of Visalia, Ca. Visalia is about 45 minutes from Fresno. Anyway, I finally was able to take a break from work for three days and spend time with Jessica for her birthday. It was my first time driving alone from Los Angeles to Visalia for three hours without a passenger! Her hometown is a very small town and has many farms. I enjoyed spending time with Jessica and it was nice to see her family and relatives again as well. Also, Jessica recently moved into a new house; it is a nice, big home. At the end of the trip, I felt that three days was not enough for a vacation. It was like three days equals 12 hours. I felt sad when I went back to L.A. because it was time to go back to work.

Cocktails n' Cookies

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